Show Planning​​
  1. Blue Sky will work to ensure the permitting process is flawless. Our team works to secure the necessary permits for your display. It benefits both the customer and Blue Sky Fireworks to start planning a display 30-45 days in advance of the event. We strive to create unique displays and by discussing the potential display early in the process, they allow for more creative time for design. You will need to confirm if the hosting venue, town or city allows firework displays. Blue Sky will determine if the hosting site offers the adequate distance required to shoot a show.
    Permitting and Timing
  2. The best way to design a fireworks display is to experience the venue in person. Blue Sky management strives to thoroughly review proposed display sites to determine the safety distances required, the types of fireworks and pyrotechnics that can be used, and to help design the overall "look" of the display. In addition, we can get a true sense of your needs for your specific event.
    Site Visits and Meetings
  3. When it comes to firework displays, "Less is more!" Spectators overwhelmingly prefer a shorter high-intensity display over a longer display that results in one effect every few seconds. Blue Sky Fireworks will recommend show duration based on venue, the types of fireworks and other effects being used, budget and the overall theme of your event. A very well designed, high impact display is much more exciting and appropriate than a show that lasts much longer with less intensity.
    Show Duration
Duration of the show varies and can be adjusted per individual need as outlined below. 

5 minutes (Weddings Only)
 ​Standard 10 minute show
 10-12 minutes
 12-14 minutes
 14-16 minutes
 20 minutes

​​Blue Sky prides ourselves on our ability to deliver a personal experience. Because we are a small company we are able to offer a lot more product in your show since our operating costs are much lower vs. some of the bigger fireworks display companies.

Please contact us to create the perfect package for you!

Show Details